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Model Railroad Layouts

Model trains and model railroad layouts began as early as the 1840's with the "carpet railways". The electric train set which is most commonly used today started around the turn of the twentieth century. These trains resemble full size trains of today and yesterday and hobbyist often create real locations and periods in history to scale. The size of these layout vary from small shelf-top designs to ones that can fill entire rooms or even whole buildings. This hobby provides limitless hours of fun for an individual or family.

There are many scale sizes and brands to choose from when deciding to purchase a model train set. The most common size is  HO (1:87). Other common scales include N (1:160) O (1:48) G (1:24) and Z (1:220). There are more scales than these, but these are the most widely available. Prices will also vary based on the scale and size.

Brand wise, you can't go wrong with  Lionel Trains Layouts or other popular manufactures such as;   Bachmann, Brio, or   Atlas. Whatever brand you choice make sure it has the accessories you desire in your layout.

Once you acquire a model train set you will soon want to build a layout that interests you. There are many model railroad layouts plans available along with miniature buildings and landscaping for any location or time period. You can use these plans or create your very own town or city for your enjoyment.

There are 4 basic ways to arrange the track:

  • The Continuous loop is a circle or oval, with trains going round and round. 
  • A Point to point. is a line with a station at each end, with trains going from one station back to the other. 
  • The Out and back is a pear shaped track, with trains leaving a station, going round a reversing loop, and coming back to the very same station. 
  • A switching layout has either a station, a power depot with a yard and the primary mode of operation is called shunting. 

Miniature train clubs and shows are available in many areas where you can check out and talk to experienced hobbyist who are passionate about the hobby. Also, thanks to the internet, you can view others model railroad layouts with the click of you mouse to inspire your own layout. Some even have live web cams for viewing their layouts.


I have spent many happy hours with my HO scale train layouts, continually adding on and building as I see fit. My family also shares my fun with additions at Christmas time and other special events.

Let your imagination set no limits to your model railroad layouts. This is a hobby for young and old alike. If you have a young son or daughter, they may well be ready to begin the world of miniature trains. Model railroad layouts, where you can create a world of your own and escape into it.