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G Gauge Train Layouts

G Gauge Train layouts or garden railways as they are more commonly known are most often used as editions to outside locations. The scale of the track is 1:24. These miniature trains were introduced in 1969 as LGB (Lehmann Big Train) and are currently produced in the US and in Europe. Many people think G scale means garden scale and even though this is not correct the name has stuck. Garden trains are fast becoming one of the most popular trains in the miniature industry.


There are many G gauge clubs and traveling exhibits that are shown at miniature train shows and conventions. The realism of these layouts can be amazing in a well manicured garden or backyard.

The best way to get started with this train size is to visit a local show, club or watch a video of the layout. Two such videos "Riding Household Railways" and "G-Scale Journey" are combined onto one DVD,  Backyard Railways. It features 5 G-scale railways; The Woodland Railway, The Livingroom Railway, The Household Railway, The Garden Railway and The Electric Tramway. This video alone will spark your imagination as you decide to create your own fantastic layout. Also consider  Garden Railroad Spectacular another beautifully filmed garden train production.

If you prefer a book or magazine then there are many to choose from. My top picks are;  Gorgeous Garden Railways,  Practical Garden Railways, and  Garden Railroading: Getting Started in the Hobby. You can't go wrong with any of these publications for ideas and information. If you want to get the latest and greatest on the subject of garden railways then consider a subscription to  Garden Railways. This magazine is full of pictures, ideas and information on building beautiful G gauge train layouts.

Anyone will enjoy this miniature train scale from young to old, children and families and grandma and grandpa. Build it together or strike out on you own and surprise your family and friends. Starter sets are readably available locally or on the internet. Once you get started you will find it hard to stop designing, creating and expanding you layout.

G Gauge Train layouts are a magical model railroad layouts. I promise, you will fall in love with every aspect of creating your own miniature world in your backyard or wherever you dream of creating it. Day or night, the fun for all never will cease. So come on, get on board with a garden railway layout. You won't regret it!