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O Gauge Train Layouts

A lot of people started out with  O Gauge Train Layouts   when they were children. Depending on your age, that was the only scale available to most. O gauge is 1:48 to scale. This is another common train set that is readably available online or at your local hobby store. There are many accessories available for O gauge, but you will need a bit more room to set up a O layout versus HO scale train layouts.

O gauge trains are a little more expensive than other models. However, you should be able to find an o gauge train that won’t break the bank.  As with any serious setup on any scale, you need to be prepared to have a budget for your scenery.  Don’t think you have to put it up all at once. That's the beauty of model railroad layouts, you can add to your layout as you get the time and money.


Think about where you are going to put your train. In order for an O gauge model railroad layouts to work properly, you will need at least a 6-foot by 6-foot area. O gauge trains need the space because they are larger and they also need more space to fit in the wider turns. A good start would be to get  Layout Plans for Toy Trains. These tabletop plans are simple to construct and are perfect for a small or medium-sized first layouts. In addition, each plan includes a complete list of the components required to build the layout. This is a  book that will get your layout up and running in no time.

My favorite publication for this scale is  Building An O Gauge Layout - Beginner & Advanced. This is like the complete Bible for anything O gauge. From trains to layouts to scenery. You'll find all your questions answered here. If you like to see train layouts in action then the   Great Toy Train Layouts of America, Parts 1-6 is the DVD pack (6 disks) for you, with almost five hours of train viewing.

If you want model railroad layouts that are more realistic then O gauge is the answer.  O gauge trains have more detail and are made to closely resemble real life. Since the trains are more realistic, you will also enjoy building more realistic railway scenery. Pick any theme you want or create your own home town.

O gauge train layouts  is a great way to go for the true hobbyist or part time kid at heart.